EB 684 Romans 2 credits

Treated as the basic Biblical manual for doctrine, the book of Romans places particular emphasis on human depravity, justification, and sanctification. Christian ethics are viewed as growing out of the doctrine presented in chapters one through eleven. Throughout, God’s grace is stressed.

EB 685 1 & 2 Corinthians 2 credits

A devotional study of the epistles of I and II Corinthians with special attention given to the problems of the Corinthian Church as an example of a church just converted from paganism. The Corinthian problems are also seen as problems of our contemporary society, and Paul’s solutions as applicable to our society as they were to Corinth.

EB 686 Galatians 2 credits

Whereas NT 636 is an exegesis of Galatians based on the Greek text, this course is a devotional and practical examination of Galatians based on the English text. Special attention is paid to Paul’s teaching of justification by faith and its emphasis in the Lutheran Church. Luther’s unabridged commentary on Galatians is required reading.