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PT 965 Personal Wellness in Ministry 5 credits

PT 965 uses a process model of learning which enables students to develop ministry skills through individual and group interviews, teaching seminars and clinical case presentations. The course includes supervised clinical practice of ministry, an individual contract for learning which the student and instructor develop together, group processing of ministry experiences including feedback from one’s peers, and evaluation by the supervisor and the instructor.

PT 975 Personal Ministry Component 2 credits

This course is designed to help the student come to understand and love the local congregation even though it is imperfect.

Using the attributes of the Church as a guide and systems theory as a tool the student learns how to examine the multi-faceted elements of a congregation including its identity, context and boundaries and to comprehend why a church is greater than the sum of its parts. Graduating seniors begin to research the places they will be serving in preparation for transition to their new ministries.