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PT 900 Introduction to Seminary Education. 1 credits

An overview of skills and aptitudes necessary for effectiveness in seminary. Topics to be covered include seminary program outcomes; managing time effectively; reading, researching and writing at a master’s level; and thinking critically and theologically.  The course will also be an orientation to the use of technology to enhance the learning process. This orientation will demonstrate how to access the administrative and educational support infrastructure at LBS. The course is offered in a two and a half day intensive format the week before the start of each semester.  Pre-course Readings will be assigned and other assignments will be completed during the subsequent semester.


PT 907 Spiritual Care 3 credits

An introduction to spiritual care giving built on a foundation of biblical, historical, and theological study, with an emphasis on the use of Law and Gospel. The student will investigate the difference between spiritual care and psychological therapy, study Egan’s Helping Model, begin to master the basic skills of spiritual dialogue, and become familiar with various practical situations, such as crisis, spiritual, marital, and pre-marital counseling.

PT 908 Pastoral Theology 3 credits

This course prepares students for the work of pastoring by further developing in them the character qualities of a pastor, by increasing their skill in conducting the services in the Ministerial Acts, and by practicing their care for the sick and the elderly. Students examine themselves in light of the Pastoral Epistles, are mentored by an experienced pastor, and reflect on their pastoring experiences and attitudes with each other.

PT 909 Leadership in Ministry 2 credits

A study of the nature styles and applications of leadership in ministry. The course will address the following questions: What does it mean to be a servant leader as represented by Jesus Christ? How do leadership styles vary because of individual and congregational differences? What leadership responsibilities will a person likely encounter in a ministry setting?

PT 910 Introduction to Youth Ministry 2 credits

This course is an overview of a wide variety of issues in the area of ministry to youth. The format of the course will include lecture, class discussion, and guest lecturers. The course will focus on the social and cultural world of the adolescent, the role of the youth pastor, the role of the family, and possible strategies for doing youth ministry in a local congregation. For CTS students an additional 1 credit for lab.

PT 912 Supervised Ministry Education 1 credit

The supervised ministry education is designed to help students prepare for a life of ministry in God’s mission by understanding and developing spiritual and emotional maturity, leadership, communication, and conflict management through ministry practice and personal reflection. In this course students will take the first series of psychological inventories and create their personal development plan. (Inventory fees apply)